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Are you interested in getting Botox® injections in Vancouver, BC?

Ovo Medi Spa is located in Vancouver, POINT GREY, we pride ourselves on getting to know your motivations and goals, and delivering deliberate and precise treatments that are NEVER rushed.

We have 3 reasons why we offer the best Botox® injections in Vancouver.

  1. Consultation and Bespoke Treatment
  2. The Needles We Use
  3. Follow-up to Ensure the Right Look

1 | Consultation and Bespoke Treatment

For Botox® injections, It is very important to understand an individual’s facial anatomy, facial and skin condition to avoid side effects and to achieve the results you want.

We offer everyone a free 30-minute consultation prior to treatment in order to listen to your desirable goals and any concern you may have.

Our physicians will mark your face before injection to give you accurate results.

We will make sure your concerns are completely addressed at Ovo Medi Spa before you get Botox® injections.

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2 | The Needles We Use

You don’t have to worry about too much pain when you get Botox® injections at Ovo Medi Spa.

We use fine insulin needles, which are very thin, and cause little pain.

The injection is quick and you will be able to go back to work.

Numbing cream, distractor, or laughing gas are available for you.

3 | Follow-up To Ensure The Right Look

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We want to develop a collaborative partnership with you towards reaching your goals through a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs.

Our physicians follow-up with your results to make sure you reach your aesthetic goals.

After your Botox® injection procedure, we encourage you to return in 2-3 weeks to make sure the Botox® has settled nicely and to check if you need any touch up because everyone’s skin and muscles react differently.

If you would like to receive Botox® injections in Vancouver, please feel free to contact us.

We also offer free consultations for the correction of Botox® injections.

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