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Are you considering getting Botox® Neuromodulator injections?

For Botox® injections, We use a very fine syringe, so there is little downtime and side effects.

However, before getting Botox® injections, it is important to understand not only the benefits, but also the possible side effects and risks of Botox injections.

Today, We will explain 8 main side effects of Botox® and how to choose a correct clinic and avoid risks.

 【Table of Contents】
1. 8 possible side effects of Botox® injections
2. How to avoid risks of Botox® injections

1 | 8 possible side effects of Botox® injections

1.1 |A little pain

There is a little pain and feels like a prick of a needle in the skin.

You may experience some pressure and discomfort when the needle pokes you.

However, because getting Botox® is such a quick and easy process, many people opt out of using topical numbing and choose ice instead.

If you are anxious about pain, or if you are prone to pain, please discuss this with your doctor.

A good medical spa should be able to take measures such as providing numbing cream, laughing gas, squeeze balls, and vibrating distractors, etc.

1.2 |Symptoms such as bumps or swelling

A little swelling and bruising can happen after Botox® injections.

Applying cold ice packs on the injection site will help with the swelling right away and you should avoid lying down flat right after Botox to ensure the product settles correctly.

Any bruising can be corrected with a foundation or concealer, and they will mostly disappear within a few hours.

The degree of bruising vary, Usually if you avoid drinking alcohol, vitamin pills, and blood thinner medication, there’s little chance that you will bruise.

A skillful doctor can minimize these side effects by avoiding injecting too close to blood vessels.

1.3 |Allergic reactions

Botox® treatments carry a low risk procedure for allergic reactions.

However, some people may experience allergic reactions to Botox® injections, resulting in redness and itching.

Fortunately, these symptoms of allergic reactions usually improve within a few days!

If you are concerned about allergic reactions, be sure to consult with your doctor before undergoing the procedure and make sure to inform them about any known allergies you may have.

1.4 |Headache

Botox® procedures are used as a medical procedure to treat people with migraine headaches because it blocks neurotransmitters that carry pain signals to your brain via paralyzing the tense muscles.

However, a small percentage of people develop mild headaches after Botox® injections.

Botox® can cause certain muscles to become fatigued, which may cause some people to develop headaches.

Injecting too much Botox® can lead to headaches, therefore reducing the dosage can reduce the chance of this happening.

Headaches that develop after a Botox® procedure will resolve on its own in a few days.

Taking an over the counter medication like Tylenol can also alleviate the headache.

1.5 |Facial expressions become unnatural

Botox injections may cause your facial expressions to be unnatural.

For example, the following cases may happen;

  • Unnatural smile and uneven corners on the mouth
  • Tense or stiff face
  • Spock brows

The good new is that Botox® effects are not permanent.

Even if these symptoms occur, they will most likely improve within a few weeks.

Unnatural facial expressions after Botox treatment can occur when the physician injects too much or in the wrong places.

If this occurs, you should wait a few days to a few weeks to ensure the product has settled, then go back to your doctor to make adjustments.

The key to avoiding unwanted facial expressions after the procedure is to choose an experienced physicians who understands facial anatomy and how muscles work with each other.

1.6 |Weakening Bite

After a Botox® procedure for TMJ or masseter muscles to achieve facial slimming, the ability to bite may weaken.

The weakening of the bite is only temporary and lasts for a few weeks.

Start with a smaller dosage and increase slowly to a higher dosage of Botox®.

You can rest assured that your muscles will not weaken to the point that you cannot chew.

An experienced physician will check that you are candidate for this procedure by checking your bite and masseter muscles.

1.7 |Be Asymmetrical

Human’s faces are asymmetrical.

However, Botox® injections can make the face more symmetrical than before the procedure.

Besides human errors, this can be caused by the inherited difference in muscle strength, neurological condition, and absorption rate.

If the condition does not improve a few weeks after the procedure, the condition may be improved by injecting a small amount of Botox into the side with stronger muscle movement in order to even them out.

1.8 |Sagging Skin

Botox injections can also cause the skin to sag.

In particular, older people, people with thin skin or low skin elasticity are more prone to have sagging because of the excess surface skin that forms when the muscles relax.

If you are concerned about sagging of the skin, you should consult with the physician before the procedure.

On the other hand, using the same principles of targeting antagonistic muscle group, you can achieve an uplifting effect on your skin.

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2 | How to avoid risks of Botox injections

Many side effects of Botox injections are due to human error rather than the product itself.

Furthermore, Botox injections can be difficult to correct after the treatment, simply because you have to ‘wait it out’ for the unwanted effects to diminish.

In order to minimize these risks, it is essential to have Botox® performed by a physician with extensive knowledge and experience.

In addition, it is necessary to clearly communicate the look you are trying to achieve during the consultation.

How to Get a Botox® Injection Without Any Worrying

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At Ovo Medi Spa, We offer everyone a free 30-minute consultation prior to treatment in order to determine what is the best treatment to achieve your desired goals and to listen to any concerns you may have.

After careful assessment of your face and concerns, our physicians mark the areas of injection to give you accurate, symmetrical results.

We pride ourselves on understanding your goals and delivering precise, meticulous treatments that are never rushed.

We offer free consultations for the correction of Botox and Fillers.

If you are considering having Botox® injections and would like to learn more about our treatments, please feel free to contact us.

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