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Oxygen (O2) Glass Facial

A Revolutionary Skin Treatment Aimed to Deliver Smooth and Glowing Skin

The O2 Glass Facial is a popular treatment in beauty spas and dermatology clinics in Korea. It is the world’s first LPE (light pulsed energy) equipment combining LED light therapy and an anion mist spraying system, allowing for deep penetration into the dermal layer, and providing cellular renewal benefits.


What is an Oxygen Facial?

Your skin is continuously aging, but that does not mean you have to give up your youthful complexion. Offered exclusively at Ovo Medi Spa, take advantage of the latest oxygen facial treatment renowned by physicians and skin experts. An oxygen glass facial is a great way to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant, regardless of your age. An O2 Glass Facial provides a cocktail of oxygen and nutrients sprayed onto the face to improve skin tone, hydration, and elasticity. It prepares the tissues for better collagen production, giving the skin a plumper, more youthful appearance. Choose Ovo Medi Spa as your destination for oxygen facial treatments and more!

What is the Oxygen Glass Facial Process Like?

The Oxygen Glass Facial process is a series of steps performed to help the tissue detoxify, cleanse, and rejuvenate the skin. It uses a hyperbaric anion oxygen system that turns natural air into pure oxygen (up to 92%). This skin rejuvenation process happens in a dome-shaped mask that creates a pressurized system. It also generates anions by a tremendous margin than what’s present naturally. These anions bond to free radicals found in the skin cells to boost collagen production and blood circulation within the skin. That way, the oxygen facial stimulates new cells, reduces skin damage, and rebalances pH levels. The oxygen functions to prevent aging and cellular exhaustion. It repairs cellular damage and and speeds up recovery after laser or other aesthetic treatments. The 02 glass facial includes applying different layers of facial masks to treat specific skin conditions. The final step is the LED light program to target various skin concerns: Red (Brightening), Blue (Acne Skin), and Violet (Post-Procedure Recovery).

Oxygen Facial Process
oxygen facial

The Effects of Undergoing Oxygen Glass Facial Treatment

An Oxygen Glass Facials deal with two effects: the effects of oxygen and anions. Oxygen promotes skin health by adding moisture and stimulating the production of collagen, which keeps skin firm and younger-looking. An oxygen facial helps skin cells repair and regenerate. The effects of anions deal with your skin’s ability to retain moisture, cell activity, and well-being. Introducing a higher presence of anions mixes with free radicals – unstable molecules that damage skin cells.

Oxygen Glass Facials Offer a Wealth of Benefits

The treatment is excellent for pre and post care, keeping the skin calm and hydrated, allowing for faster recovery. This technology incorporates deep cleansing of the skin, using anion and oxygen scaling techniques, and applying several treatment masks to improve the skin condition. This facial activates skin cell ATP energy, improves skin barrier, and provides intense hydration to the skin. Benefits include:

  • Pre and Post Procedure Care
  • Soothe and cool skin
  • Stimulate cellular metabolism
  • Increase skin regeneration
  • Strengthen skin barrier
  • Deep hydration
  • Brighten skin tone
  • Deep cleansing of pores
  • Acne and sebum management
  • Improves skin tone and elasticity
  • Speed up skin recovery
  • No pain and no downtime

Ideal Candidates and Skin Conditions Perfect for Oxygen Glass Facials

For the biggest moments, you want to be looking your best. That means you’re getting rid of blemishes and lowering the chance that debilitating skin conditions start to develop. For those with a history of poor skin health, who tend to have a lot of blemishes, or those who have sun damage, an oxygen glass facial is an ideal facial treatment. People looking to add radiance, hydrate their skin, even their skin tone, reduce fine lines, and calm acne should consult our professionals. Here at Ovo Medi Spa, our specialized oxygen glass facial will make a visible difference to your skin!

Acne Prone Skin

As mentioned earlier, oxygen works by accelerating wound healing by helping skin cells repair and regenerate. A lack of oxygen causes acne-causing bacteria to thrive, turning your skin’s oil into fatty acids that inflame the nearby skin cells. By refreshing your skin with a concentrated dose of oxygen, you let your skin breathe and lower the cascading effect of acne-causing bacteria. Oxygen Glass Facial is just the thing you’re looking for if you have acne-prone skin.

Wrinkles and Aging Skin

Aging, sun damage (UV radiation), and other complications can significantly increase the chance of wrinkles and lower the rigidity of your skin. An Oxygen Glass Facial is the perfect solution. This oxygen therapy beauty treatment is effective in treating photoaging skin and helping advance your skin’s complexion. Increasing the concentration of oxygen around the tissues accelerates cell repair and enhances tissue regeneration. It supports the immune system’s fight against toxic substances and sustains the growth of new cells. Experiencing the power of a professional oxygen facial treatment is a proactive solution to your wrinkles and aging skin.


Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition affecting all skin types. Some forms of hyperpigmentation develop from sun damage and hormones, such as sunspots and melasma. While other forms of hyperpigmentation can form after injury, acne, burns, aging, and skin inflammation. An Oxygen Glass Facial would increase your skin’s barrier and resilience by promoting the development of oxygen-rich blood in the affected area. It helps support your skin by bringing in the necessary energy, vitamins, and minerals to protect against hyperpigmentation. If you have a darker skin tone, you are more sensitive to skin conditions involving the overproduction or underproduction of pigment. Consult our professionals here at Ovo Medi Spa and see if our Oxygen Glass Facial is right for you.

Dehydrated Skin

Oxygen Glass Facial treatment takes a novel approach to dehydrated skin. As we age, our skin loses the ability to absorb and retain oxygen as efficiently as it was used to. The result is blood vessel constriction that can impair your skin’s ability to function, leading to skin dehydration. Opening your pores increases the absorption power to bring in and lock moisture. Not only are you hydrating your skin, but you are also cleaning the dead skin cells that cause congestion that leads to other skin conditions. It also works as a fantastic pre and post laser recovery treatment.

Discover the Exceptional Oxygen Glass Facial Treatment of Ovo Medi Spa

Advanced Technology

Ovo Medi Spa adopts the newest and most exciting technology for skincare today. We ensure that you’re getting professional help from start to finish by using comprehensive machines and treatments. Our goal is to provide a system where you get the results with as little downtime as possible.

Quality and Consistency

Our certified professionals stress the importance of steadfast adherence to quality and consistency. We know what you want, and we want to ensure that you’re getting what you desire – and more! A better you starts with consistent and quality results, so why not choose Ovo Medi Spa to make it a reality.

Results Oriented

Resolving problems is what we do. Our detailed approach ensures that what you want is done through result-oriented solutions. We set objectives, plan ahead, and create time-saving strategies to get the results you want with little recovery time. Your satisfaction is our priority, so you never have to worry.

Experienced Team

The Ovo team consists of individuals passionate about aesthetics with professional credibility. Each member is integral in maintaining high customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships. The team constantly sets the bar high to cement our culture of excellence in all aspects of Ovo. You can rely on Ovo for the best facial treatments in Vancouver.

FAQs About Oxygen Glass Facial

Is the Program Safe?

Oxygen Glass Facial is a non-invasive procedure that is safe for all skin types with little to no downtime or side effects. One should be aware of some precautions before they consider an Ovo’s Oxygen Glass Facial treatment. Consult your doctor if the treatment is right for you if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Recent cosmetic surgery
  • Recent cosmetic injections
  • Medical conditions
  • Pregnant/Nursing

What is the Difference between a Facial and O2 Glass Oxygen Facial?

A facial and an Oxygen Glass Facial have the same objective. They both remove dead skin cells, cleanse the skin, and hydrate the skin. The main difference is that an Oxygen (O2) Glass Facial is a non-invasive treatment that increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients, boosts collagen production, brightens dull complexion, and improves the appearance of fine lines. An O2 Glass Facial pumps a mist of concentrated oxygen and anions into the skin all at once. The O2 molecules remove harmful pollutants and fight against free radicals on our skin. It refreshes and reinvigorates your skin through more steps than a regular facial.

How Often do You Need to Get an Oxygen Facial?

Fortunately, you wouldn’t have to worry about your treatment plan – it’s not possible to overdo an oxygen glass facial. That way, you can go as much as you would like. Delivering oxygen has more benefits to the skin and you will get better results when you go for a series of treatments. Your skin condition and any other external factors influence how your facial treatment goes. Your schedule is the only thing stopping you from getting as many treatments as you would like. If you need a little bit of revitalization before a big event, you can get treatment 1-3 days before. If you are going for laser procedures, it is highly recommended to have an 02 glass facial in between laser treatments.

Are There Any Side Effects to Getting an Oxygen Facial?

The oxygen glass facial uses gentle cleansers and serums, however some people may have a slight breakout due to deep cleansing of the pores which allows the impurities to surface. This is only a temporary side effect and your skin will return quickly to a healthier state.

How Long do I Have to Wait after an oxygen facial to resume normal activity?

The tremendous upside about oxygen glass facials is that there’s no downtime in the process after you’re done with the treatment. The primary steps are a deep cleanse, a series of facial masks, oxygen therapy, anion misting spray, and LED light therapy. This non-invasive facial treatment is just the treatment you’re looking for if you want soft, glowing skin with minimal recovery time.

Are Oxygen Facials Good for All Skin Types?

Oxygen glass facials are an excellent treatment for all skin types. Everyone breathes in oxygen, and your skin needs oxygen for moisture, to provide energy, improve circulation, accelerate healing, and kill certain bacteria. The serums used in the treatment contain skin rejuvenating antioxidants that work on various skin types and conditions. This nourishing facial treatment restores your skin’s natural look to get that radiant and beautiful complexion. It’s a wonderful solution to reinvigorate all skin types!

How Many Sessions are Necessary?

Oxygen Glass Facials usually require multiple sessions and maintenance to get the full effects of the treatment. We recommend one session per week for 4-6 weeks, then one session per month. Because of the wound healing properties of oxygen, you can expect that the recovery between other therapies will be much faster.

It is advised to have this facial treatment in between treatments with energy devices such as lasers and radiofrequency microneedling for faster and better results. An oxygen glass facial is a great way to refresh your skin and make your next treatment plan at a medi spa easier.

What are the Expected Results?

Oxygen helps to regenerate damaged cells quickly and is an essential energy source. It helps remove waste and deliver nutrients to your skin. With oxygen therapy beauty treatments, you can expect to see your skin glow and look more youthful.

You might also experience how beautiful your skin starts to look after implementing high quality products, serums, and cleansers. One of the main jobs of an oxygen glass facial is that it improves tone and texture, which instantly leaves a lasting, healthy glow. It would make sense to use it as a pre and post procedure treatment for red, sensitive skin.

How Long does It Take to See Results?

A typical treatment session takes about 1-1.5 hours, depending on your skin condition and the goal of the treatment. Once done, you can see the effects visible after 1-3 sessions. Skin changes are progressive and continue to improve if you undergo the full treatment plan.

We recommend that monthly maintenance is best to maintain the health of the skin. By combining an effective treatment plan and following the recommendation of our skin professionals, you will get effective results. Visit one of the best facial skin treatment centres in Vancouver today for a free consultation.

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