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Are you suffering from neck lines or neck wrinkles?

Did you know that neck wrinkles are actually not solely caused by aging?

We will explain 3 main causes and 5 best treatments of neck lines.

Read this article and find out the best ways to deal with necklines.

 【Table of Contents】
1. 3 Causes of Neck Lines
2. How can you get rid of neck lines?
-2.1 Moisturizing the skin
-2.2 Protecting against UV rays
-2.3 Changing you neck position
-2.4 Changing your pillow
-2.5 Getting neck line treatment

1 | 3 Causes of Neck Lines

First, let’s examine why you get neck wrinkles.

There are 3 main reasons which can cause neck lines.

1.1 |Skin dryness

The dryness of the skin disrupts the texture of the skin surface, resulting in the formation of neck wrinkles.

In addition, the neck, which does not easily produce sweat or sebum, is very delicate and much more prone to dryness than the face and back.

Dehydrated skin and sunlight can cause our neck to form wrinkles over time.

1.2 |Aging

As we age, our collagen depletes, resulting in skin laxity issues such as sagginess and wrinkles.

There is a cause and effect relationship between “collagen” and ”sagging skin” and and will explain how this works.

The dermis of the skin is a net-like structure of collagen that maintains the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

In other words, collagen keeps the skin looking ‘young’.

As we age, the collagen in the net-like structure becomes thinner and weaker, and the number of collagen cells decrease, making it more difficult for the skin to maintain its elasticity and plumpness.

This results in less structural support for the skin and can manifest as sagginess and wrinkles.

1.3 |Habits

Your lifestyle and habits can cause neck lines to form or even worsen.

These lifestyle choices (whether intentional or unintentional) can cause “tech neck wrinkles”.

The most common cause of “tech neck wrinkles” is the crease that forms on the neck when you turn your head down.

Nowadays, one of the leading causes for “tech neck wrinkles” is constantly looking at your smart phone.

To prevent tech neck wrinkles, it is important to keep the neck as straight as possible.

If you are concerned your everyday habits are causing tech neck wrinkles, check the following list.

  • working long hours with a slumped posture
  • Sleeping with a high pillow
  • Looking down at your smartphone
  • Tend to look at your feet while walking
  • Hunching your back

2 | How can you get rid of neck lines?

How can neck lines be treated, and  what are the correct steps to get rid of them?

We will explain five specific methods on how to get rid of your neck lines.

2.1 |Moisturizing the skin

Many people pamper and take care of their faces, oftentimes layering skincare items.

However, the neck can be easily overlooked and neglected during one’s skincare routines.

Keep in mind that the skin on your neck is an extension of your facial skin, and it is just as delicate (if not more) than your face.

Don’t take your neck for granted!

Your neck is prone to dryness and requires careful care.

You can use the same cosmetics for your neck that you normally use on your face.

Consistently applying moisturizing products on your neck will keep the skin moist and supple, and lead to hydrated skin that is less prone to wrinkles.

How to get smooth skin >>

2.2 |Protecting against UV rays

UV rays are another major cause for wrinkles.

Exposure to UV rays can also cause your skin to become dry and irritated, it breaks down the collagen within your skin, and causes wrinkles to develop.

UV rays reach the earth’s surface not only on sunny days, but also on rainy and cloudy days.

It is imperative to protect your skin by applying SPF daily, regardless of the weather or season.

2.3 |Changing you neck position

Changing the position of your neck can be an effective and budget-friendly method to alleviate neck wrinkles.

  • 1. Hold the phone in front of your face rather than stare down at your phone
  • 2. Use a spring stand for your laptop computer in order to adjust the height
  • 3. Use a book stand when you are reading to prevent straining your neck

2.4 |Changing your pillow

Check your pillow!

It just might be making your neck wrinkles worse.

If your pillow is too high, your neck will be strained forward (almost folded) while you sleep, resulting in the neck skin being folded over itself.

These folds can stay over time and prevention is always easier than the cure.

Ideally, your pillow should be just the right height and shape to support your neck but not overly so.

2.5 |Getting neck line treatment

We have introduced several ways to prevent and make neck wrinkles less noticeable, but it is difficult to completely remove them own once they have formed.

In order to achieve solid, permanent results, neck line treatments are required.

These treatments can be found in medical spas.

Erase Your Neck Wrinkles Now!

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