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Laser hair removal works by targeting melanin in the hair shaft and hair follicle. When the absorption of laser light is transformed into heat energy, it causes damage to the hair structure and stunts the growth of new hair.

Did you know that your hair does not grow all at the same time?

It grows in three phases:

  1. Anagen – growth phase.
  2. Catagen – transition phase.
  3. Telogen- dormant phase.

During the anagen phase, the hair is actively growing and produces an abundance of melanin. This phase lasts for a few weeks. Laser hair removal is most effective during this phase. The next stage is the catagen phase, known as the transitional phase. In this phase, the hair starts to detach from the skin and this process takes a few days. Laser energy is minimally effective during the catagen phase. In the telogen phase, the hair becomes dormant and is detached from the skin.  The laser energy is not effective during this phase. This stage can last for a few months. The number of laser hair removal treatments depend on your skin type, hair colour, and the amount of hair. The effectiveness of hair removal also depends on the laser’s wavelength, pulsewidth, pulse shape, spot size, and fluence.  Before you purchase a series of hair removal treatments, it is important to do research on the laser and to make sure that it is safe for your skin type.