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1 | What is RF Microneedling?

RF Microneedling is a procedure in the medical cosmetic world that harnesses the technology of RF (radio frequency) combined with microneedling.

It is used for skin rejuvenation purposes, targeting issues such as loose or sagging skin, enlarged pores, skin texture improvement, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, and even excessive sweating.

How does it work?

This procedure is considered minimally invasive due to the microneedle tip slightly piercing into the skin. However, its effectiveness comes from the action of puncturing skin while RF energy is simultaneously delivered into the skin. After the skin receives micro wounds from the microneedles, the RF energy can be delivered much more efficiently and deeply.

These factors combined will ‘damage’ the skin in a controlled manner, triggering the body’s natural healing mechanism in which new skin, collagen, and elastins are produced to compensate for this ‘injury’. The result is firm, smooth, and radiant skin, with results improving gradually after the treatment.

The RF Microneedling device looks like a rod-shaped handle with interchangeable microneedle tips and adjustable energy levels. The microneedle tip used depends on the patient’s skin concerns and needs, as well as their skin type.

For example, a patient with light skin seeking to treat severe acne scarring will require a different microneedle tip and energy level compared to a patient with dark skin who wishes to treat their skin laxity issue.

2 | What to Expect During Your Treatment

RF Microneedling typically lasts around 40 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the area of treatment.

For your comfort, numbing cream will be applied prior to the procedure to minimize any discomfort or pain.The RF energy will feel like heat to the skin. Additionally, a glider will be used for the device to work more effectively. Patients can choose add-ons such as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) or skin boosters to further enhance their RF Microneedling results.

After Care of RF Microneedling

Post-treatment care is simple – do not apply makeup directly after or until the next day, handle skin gently, avoid harsh cleansers and products, avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours, and do not take blood thinners. To minimize bruising or swelling, refrain from consuming alcohol 2 days before and after the treatment, and ice packs can be applied if needed.

3 | Possible Risks of RF Microneedling

Pinpoint bleeding is possible (red specks of blood under the skin) with microneedling, but will be very minimal and will dissipate in a few days. If the patient is prone to bruising or has been taking blood thinners or consuming alcohol prior to the treatment, there may be more noticeable bruising.

Right after the treatment, the skin will feel hot and tender while being accompanied by some redness. These sensations will gradually wear off as time passes, but not following post treatment care instructions may prolong these symptoms.

Skin will be more sensitive afterwards, making sun protection extremely important. Being exposed to the sun right after treatment can cause further irritation and unwanted damage to the skin.

Get RF Microneedling Without Worrying!

The effects of RF Microneedling can vary, and the treatment methods can be different as well.
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