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Chin filler is by no means unpopular, but sometimes underrated.

Some of the best facial transformations have been achieved through injecting filler into the chin area.

Due to the chin’s very prominent position of sitting at the lowest center of the face, it has the power to change up your entire look (either for better or for worse; but we’re here to make sure it’s for the better!), such as lending a helping hand in defining your jawline and overall facial contour.

1 | Chin Filler 101

Chin filler is made of hyaluronic acid, an otherwise naturally occurring substance in the human body. Thicker, more viscous filler is typically used to inject the chin due to its proximity to bone. Think of the filler as a substance injected to mimic an extension of the boney chin area.

– Benefits & Effects

Chin filler can enhance the proportions of your face, such as creating a more V-shape face that will also improve your side profile, and create a more feminine look. Injecting filler into this area can not only create a stronger chin, but can even give the effect of tighter skin and narrower face shape. This change is especially noticeable in people with jowling or skin laxity issues around the midface jaw area. Once the chin is filled, the extra looser skin will have more support and the skin will look more taut.

On the other hand, chin filler can also create a more masculine look by giving it a more angular or square shape. The outcome ultimately depends on your injector’s skill, method, and what you communicate to them.

There is no such thing as a perfectly symmetrical face, but some people may have more asymmetrical faces than others. In these cases, chin filler can even out the two sides of your face and improve facial symmetry.

2 | Should You Get Chin Filler?

Now that you know what chin filler is…should you get it?

We suggest everyone do lots of their own research first before committing to any cosmetic procedures! However, we can add some of our own input from our experience.

– Risks & Important points

Chin filler may not be as painful as injecting more vascular areas such as the lips, but can be more prone to showing the work of inexperienced injectors. Imagine receiving an overly dramatic pointy chin or a lopsided chin – it will definitely show! That is why you should seek out the most experienced and licensed injector that you can afford in order to ensure best results.

The viscosity of most chin fillers are on the thicker side because the filler is meant to be stronger to mimic the chin, which can make chin fillers last longer than softer fillers like in the lips. Keep this in mind if you’re thinking of getting this done, although hyaluronic acid based filler can be ‘reversed’ and dissolved.

3 | Aftercare

Expect a bit of tenderness and possible swelling after getting chin filler. You may gently ice the injected area at your injector’s discretion, but avoid touching the area with your hands. Leave your chin alone for a few days so the filler can ‘set’ and take shape; don’t apply pressure on your chin as this can displace the freshly injected filler.

Ask your injector about applying arnica gel to prevent any bruising, but notify your injector if you have extensive bruising.

Remember to avoid consuming alcohol for at least 24 hours before and after your appointment. Alcohol can thin your blood and make you more vulnerable to bleeding and bruising. Blood thinning medication and supplements should also be avoided for a few days.

Get Chin Filler Without Worrying!

Ovo Medi Spa offers everyone a free consultation. During the consultation, our physicians will assess your current facial proportions and features to determine the best treatment route for you.

We will design a bespoke treatment plan for you that fits with your goals, lifestyle, and budget.

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